Who are you?

I am Asit Khanda, a 22-year-old human being working as a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. I am also a hobbyist turned part-time photographer. My love for technology and design runs deep.

What is this publication?

I always loved to write but struggled with timing and consistency. I regularly made commitments and was never able to post on time. But I always wanted to share knowledge! What’s Up World! is my way to finally get down and stick to the promise I always broke - write and share the knowledge I have acquired on a regular basis.

Here, I will be covering topics that I get to learn about. Be it technology, photography, science, politics or food. I will also post tips and tricks that I have learned over the ages and maybe, sometimes, make a recommendation list about stuff explaining in detail.

Is it a paid subscription?

Definitely not. At least, not for now. I may have a paid model in the future but there will always exist a free model. It is my promise to the readers who stick with me in my early beginnings ;-)

So, what are you waiting for?!